The Magic Flute is an opera composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with a libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder. This fantasy romance tale follows Tamino and his unlikely partner Papageno, as they quest to save the daughter of the Queen of the Night, Pamina. Tamino is tasked to do this by the Queen of the Night because the evil Sarastro kidnapped Pamina, and the Queen of the Night promises that if Tamino is successful in saving Pamina, he will marry Pamina as his reward. In order to aid in his quest, the Queen of the Night gives Tamino The Magic Flute. As we later discover, it is the Queen of the Night who is actually evil - and Sarastro was protecting Pamina by stealing her away from the Queen of the Night. Still interested in marrying Pamina however, Tamino is given a new task by Sarastro if he wishes to marry Pamina - he must complete a series of trials. Tamino is successful in the trials with the help of the Magic Flute and the opera ends with Tamino and Pamina marrying.