Fear Knot / Sublime

Credit: Robert Mallin was the Media and Content designer for Fear Knot / Sublime that was part of Fall for Dance presented by Dance Repertory Theatre at the University of Texas at Austin.

"The words “fear knot” and “sublime” suggest contrasting states of tension and release, interspersed with lingering stillness. Fear Knot / Sublime explores the internal moments of each of these concepts, manifesting these ideas through the physical nature of dance. No matter how fleeting the moment, the tension between these two concepts and the distance that tension stretches exist as compelling expressions."
-David Justin

Other Credits:
Choreography by David Justin
Rehearsal Assistant Sarah-Grace Poitevent
Lighting by Chiann-Ann Lu
Costume design by Caitlin Graham

Produced by University of Texas at Austin
College of Fine Arts
Department of Theatre and Dance
Lizzette Chapa, Johnny Chatman II, McKenzie Cornish, Nicholas Kao, Erin Kedzie, D’Lonte K. Lawson, Morganne Mazeika, Kanami Nakabyashi,
Oluwaeun S. Olayiwola, Cassidy Oldham, Eileen Yuriko Roby, Connor Timpe

All photos of Fear Knot / Sublime are courtesy of Jon Haas and Chian-Ann Lu.
*unless otherwise indicated.