About Robert

I have a competitive spirit and an insatiable appetite to learn and solve design/technical needs.

I am currently based in Los Angeles as of the summer of 2018. Previously I lived in Austin while completing my Master of Fine Arts in Integrated Media Design at the University of Texas at Austin. Previous to both of these, I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec.

My most recent credits include working as Wearable LED technician and programmer on Muse : Simulation Theory World Tour; as an media server programmer on X-Men : Dark Phoenix and American Horror Story Promotional Shoot; and as video editor and content creator for the musical/movie fusion Love Actually Live (to be remounted on Broadway in 2019.)

During the final year of my Bachelor of Fine Arts (Winter 2015) in Design for the Theatre at Concordia University, I worked with Lifelong Productions - designing scenery and lighting. Our company found notable success with multiple Frankie Award nominations and regular positive reviews. In 2016, I spent the summer with the Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas, earning seals in Lighting Technology, Lighting Systems and Programming, and Audio.

I like to spend my downtime doing activities with friends, enjoying food, listening to music, playing video/board games, following the NHL and watching Netflix or HBO. I have a competitive spirit and grew up playing competitive games and sports, most notably as a Counter-Strike 1.6 player. I am bilingual - I speak English and French!

About Mallin Live Video Design

MLV Designs is at it's best when designing custom video surfaces and content within a live experience. We design video for any degree and combination of integration, interaction and immersion. Whether a live experience requires video as a central feature or as a supportive one; we are comfortable designing for both! 

MLV Designs is owned, operated and was created by Robert Mallin. It operates as both an independent entity and a conglomerate based on the needs and scale of each design contract.

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